Why the lions?

How did the idea of “new” lions in Gdańsk emerge? There are at least a few reasons…

Firstly, there is the coat of arms of Gdańsk! Lions have been in it for nearly 550 years. In the 15th century, king of Poland Kazimierz Jagiellończyk granted a privilege to the City of Gdańsk according to which the city gained the right to include the royal crown accompanied by two crosses in its coat of arms. Two stately lions have been holding the coat of arms of Gdańsk since that time.

Secondly, lions can be found everywhere in Gdańsk: on facades of the Great Armoury, Green Gate, in the portal of the Main City Hall, in front of the gate to the Gdańsk University of Technology and at the foot of the Artus Court. We can also observe them, for example, as stone sculptures at the Kobzdeja Square, bronze statues by the Fountain of the Four Quarters or as murals presenting mechanical lions at the Gdańsk stadium.

Thirdly, one year since the appearance of a group of lions in the Gdańsk zoo is passing in October. Animals probably feel well there as three baby lions were born this year! We thought it was a perfect moment to introduce another small lion who will soon start its travels in Gdańsk!


Voting finished


It took some time but it was worth the wait! What was? The result of the vote on my name! I am no longer a nameless little lion. You can call me Hevelion now.

My name smartly refers to one of the most renowned Gdańsk citizens: Johannes Hevelius, and also contains the English word “lion”! Thank you very much for your help!

P.S. I will appear in a new place in Gdańsk soon, so stay tuned!


Visit the Lions of Gdańsk soon, collect points and exchange them to awards.


Do not forget to switch on Bluetooth in your phone; thanks to it, the Lions of Gdańsk will be able to talk to you!

Where is the lion?

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